June 3, 2015

Seeking Balance


It's what I seek in starting this blog.

A balance between the many forces that pull at me each day.

Phone calls.      Meetings, lots of meetings in which little is accomplished.      A constant barrage of emails.       Questions from teachers, staff, my tech team.       Staying current on everything technology.       Being a leader, an effective one.       Making people feel important through my actions - because they are.       Reading, reading, reading.       Being a good wife and mom.       Taking care of myself through eating right and regularly.     Training for that half-marathon that's just around the corner.     Finding some quiet time to think.

Keeping all of the balls in the air - never dropping a single one - while keeping the circus on schedule, moving forward. And yes, it does seem like a three ring circus on most days.

So, how to balance it all?  What's my plan? At this moment, I am not sure. But a start is to write about those forces that pull me in all directions because they are what make my story. They help to define who I am through how I react to meeting those needs - work, family, my own. Through this blog, I will capture my reflections, thoughts, and musings at the intersection of technology and motherhood.

That's my purpose - to seek balance through writing, sharing, learning, and making new friends along the way. Figuring out how to do it all, and do it well because that's how I roll.

What works for you in achieving balance? How do you fit it all in and not drop the ball? Your thoughts? Do share!

1 comment:

  1. Great post Kim! The home/work balance is hard. I found simplifying home life to maximize family time currently working for me .

    For example, my wife and I plan similar meals each week. Mon = spaghetti type meal, Tues= taco type meal…this means when we hit the grocery on Sun its not “what do you want to eat?” but rather “What kind of tacos this week?” Other people use emeal to help plan out their week. Not having to think about this maximizes our family dinner time because my wife and I always know what were are having allowing whoever gets home first to start cooking. Seems simple but that was the point.

    Examining our family processes and trying to simplify/streamline them may seem a little robotic but we really enjoy tinkering with systems so it’s fun to us (like a game.)

    BTW, If you figure out how to stop having meetings where little is accomplished let me know ;)