June 3, 2015

Seeking Balance


It's what I seek in starting this blog.

A balance between the many forces that pull at me each day.

Phone calls.      Meetings, lots of meetings in which little is accomplished.      A constant barrage of emails.       Questions from teachers, staff, my tech team.       Staying current on everything technology.       Being a leader, an effective one.       Making people feel important through my actions - because they are.       Reading, reading, reading.       Being a good wife and mom.       Taking care of myself through eating right and regularly.     Training for that half-marathon that's just around the corner.     Finding some quiet time to think.

Keeping all of the balls in the air - never dropping a single one - while keeping the circus on schedule, moving forward. And yes, it does seem like a three ring circus on most days.

So, how to balance it all?  What's my plan? At this moment, I am not sure. But a start is to write about those forces that pull me in all directions because they are what make my story. They help to define who I am through how I react to meeting those needs - work, family, my own. Through this blog, I will capture my reflections, thoughts, and musings at the intersection of technology and motherhood.

That's my purpose - to seek balance through writing, sharing, learning, and making new friends along the way. Figuring out how to do it all, and do it well because that's how I roll.

What works for you in achieving balance? How do you fit it all in and not drop the ball? Your thoughts? Do share!